Links to Public Playlists for Music Suggestions

The versions of music included in the Adventures are suggestions.  Feel free to use your own favourite versions.  However, publicly available playlists have been compiled on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.  


Harmony's Music Club YouTube Channel has all suggested music playlists, home videos,  and more! 





Apple Music

  Search for Harmony's Music Club.  The playlists will appear in shared playlists at the bottom of your screen.   An Apple Subscription is required to access these.





Spotify Laptop:  this is recommended if you are a free Spotify user so that Spotify does not jumble the playlists.  

Spotify Mobile: free Spotify Users please be aware that Spotify may shuffle your playlist - this is a symptom of listening to playlists on mobiles on the free Spotify app.  This is not a problem as you do not need to do an Adventure in order.  However, the guessing games in the Emotions Adventure and Trip to the Zoo do use set music so you will need to check this.  Premium Spotify Users will not have this problem.



Easter at Home

Trip to the Zoo at Home

Down at the Farm at Home

Emotions and Feelings at Home

The Moon at Home

Little Soldiers at Home

Rainbows at Home

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London at Home

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