Paddington Bear's 1st Concert

As promoted by Stephen Fry, Hugh Bonneville, BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex.

Harmony's Music Club talks about Paddington Bear's 1st Concert on BBC Radio

The originality and passion which Harmony's Music Club and Liz Franklin-Kitchen bring to Paddington Bear's 1st Concert saw it attract a great deal of attention when it was first aired.  


The concert was promoted on social media by Stephen Fry (who has recorded the work himself) and Hugh Bonneville, and BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex invited Caroline and Liz for a Sunday morning interview with Emily Jeffrey.  You can hear that interview if you click the link above.  When the concert was first streamed it was watched live in South Africa, Mexico, Chile, the USA, Canada and the UK and was viewed 2,000 times within 1 month.

A short work of c35 minutes by composer Herbert Chappell, Paddington Bear's 1st Concert is a wonderful tale about Paddington Bear travelling to London and being found at Paddington Station by Mr and Mrs Brown, how he settled into life in London and the funny experience of attending his first concert with Mr Gruber  at the Royal Albert Hall.  Harmony's Music Club's interactive format combined with its short length, descriptive music and sound effects means that it is a work which effortlessly holds even the youngest children's attention spans.  

If you would like some Paddington Bear excitement in your nursery, school or festival, please just contact us.

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