Harmony's Music Club is an exciting musical resource for young children, conceived and written by a classically-trained professional musician with boundless talent for inspiring children through music. 

We are frequently told and know that we should be putting music on for our children but then we often don't know what to do with it once it's on.  Harmony's Music Club  not only gives you a publicly available themed music playlist  full of musical variety, but each downloadable Adventure is crammed with fun ideas for how to interact with the music, written so that anyone of any musical ability can join in with the children. It even includes accompanying themed craft.
If you want to embark on exciting themed Adventures at home, in nursery, or at school, accompanied by the sound of music from across the ages and around the world, climb aboard with Harmony's Music Club .....     
"Our daughter absolutely loved Harmony's Music Club.  It was a wonderful opportunity for her to play instruments, sing songs, go on themed musical journeys and let her imagination run wild!" (Edith's Mum, 2019)
"Absolutely brilliant!  I love it!"  (Mrs Stokes, 2020, former reception teacher)
If you have any queries please contact HarmonysMusicClub@gmail.com
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