Tickets now on sale for Summer 2022 performances of our new piano trio arrangement of Paddington Bear's First Concert, performed by the Equinox Ensemble and narrator Alexander Campbell.  Click here for more info.

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Harmony's Music Club is an all-round musical experience for young children in school, at home, or in nursery comprising educational music videos, teaching material complete with playlists and concerts.  All written by a classically-trained professional musician with boundless talent for inspiring children through music. 


Why not come and join us on exciting themed-musical adventures to the sound of music from around the world and across the ages.  


There's something for everyone: 

"Absolutely brilliant!  I love it!"  (Mrs Stokes, Reception Teacher, 2020)

"Our daughter absolutely loves Harmony's Music Club.  It's a wonderful opportunity for her to play instruments, sing songs, go on themed-musical journeys and let her imagination run wild!" (Edith's Mum, 2019)