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The Planets Adventure at Home Contents Page Preview

The Planets Adventure Contents Page sets out instrument suggestions together with home instrument alternatives and a synopsis of the included activities. The craft activity is paired with the listening music so that you can listen while you make!

The Planets at Home

We have two space themed Adventures - The Planets and The Moon, written for 50 years since the first moon landing.   

The Planets Adventure begins by taking you to experience the ethereal celestial music of the stars.  Use this activity as a chance to store up  your energy before a busy adventure - there is a sound hunt to go on around the house, star craft, a fun planet and music matching game, and the opportunity to play your sound-hunt finds before experiencing what it might be like to be a spinning planet yourself. 


Make sure you squeeze all of this in before the astronaut comes and starts taking the planets off with him .... 

If you enjoy this, you might also enjoy our space mini-adventure video too.

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