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Emotions and Feelings Adventure at Home Contents Page Preview

The Emotions and Feelings Adventure Contents Page sets out instrument suggestions together with home instrument alternatives and a synopsis of the included activities. The craft activity is paired with the listening music so that you can listen while you make!

Emotions and Feelings at Home

It can be difficult to express and/or understand your emotions at the best of times, but when you haven't got the words to help you express how you're feeling emotions can be tricky to navigate.

Join us on this Adventure as an avenue to opening up discussions about feelings - how things make you feel, how you think things make other people feel, what sort of emotion you think is being expressed and how we might show those emotions.  


We'll start you off with a real 'zip' in your step before encountering lots of lovely varied music and musical games to help you on this journey to explore feeling happy, silly, angry and sad.


You'll need to make and decorate some lollypop faces to help you on this adventure and you'll probably need a rest part way through so why not have a snuggle to a beautiful Brazilian lullaby.  You'll work up an appetite on this Adventure that's for sure, as have the hungry frogs in our counting song!


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