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A Trip to the Zoo Adventure at Home Contents Page Preview

The Trip to the Zoo Adventure Contents Page sets out instrument suggestions together with home instrument alternatives and a synopsis of the included activities. The craft activity is paired with the listening music so that you can listen while you make!

A Trip to the Zoo at Home

As getting out and about is a bit tricky at the moment, why not join us on an exciting musical adventure to the zoo?


You won't just be looking at the animals on this adventure though - you'll be playing your instruments like and joining in with them. There's also a fun musical matching game where you have to match the music to the animals - do you think you know how the animals might sound?  


There's spiral snake craft but make sure you manage to tame your snake with our special music!  


Whilst this is all very good fun, make sure you watch out for the piranhas and keep an eye on those cheeky monkeys!

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