Interactive Family Concerts 

"Absolutely brilliant!! More please!"  


"This is absolutely necessary and absolutely wonderful!"

Engaging children in live performance is a passion of Harmony's Music Club.  Indeed we find that the joy of watching young children utterly captivated by and joining in with live music is like nothing else and so we go above and beyond to find unique ways to make our family concerts interactive.  

During lockdown in 2020, dismayed at live music no longer reaching children, Harmony's Music Club designed the ultimate online interactive children's concert and teamed up with narrator Liz Franklin-Kitchen on three projects: Paddington Bear's First Concert, Commotion in the Ocean and 9 Poems and Songs.  These concerts have all been enjoyed globally and have resulted in Harmony's Music Club being invited onto BBC Radio on several occasions to talk about children and music making!  Each of these projects is also available as a live performance if you would like to book us and programme it.


We are delighted that Harmony's Music Club can once again schedule live performances and kicked-off our return to the stage with a sell-out, headlining performance of Paddington Bear's First Concert at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival.  We have also teamed up with the fabulous Equinox Ensemble for an exciting future of music making.

We'd love to see you at our Christmas Concert on 18 December 2021 featuring The Snowman.