"Absolutely brilliant!! More please!"  


"This is absolutely necessary and absolutely wonderful!"

Engaging children in interactive live performance is a passion of Harmony's Music Club.  Indeed we find that the joy of watching young children utterly captivated by and joining in with live music is like nothing else.  

During lockdown, dismayed at live music no longer making it to children, we designed the ultimate online interactive children's concert and teamed up with narrator Liz Franklin-Kitchen on two projects: Paddington Bear's First Concert, and Commotion in the Ocean.  To learn more about these click here for Paddington Bear and here for Commotion in the Ocean.


Anticipating that live music might not make its way to children for sometime whether via concert hall, book festival, school, nursery or other, we deliberately designed an interactive concert format which works over a screen/projector while still being interactive for children.  The concert of course also works as an interactive concert when performed live but aware of the restrictions that schools and nurseries face on visitors, depending upon the work, there can be as few as 2 people involved in performing our interactive concerts.  


The concerts are interactive on a variety of levels - children participate by making instruments in advance (instruments chosen are those which can be easily created), illustrate the story with their artwork which is then displayed during the performance (the excitement at seeing their artwork illustrate the story is electrifying) and of course join in where guided.

If your nursery, school or festival might be interested in us performing one of our concerts and you would like more information, please contact us.   We can also tailor performances for your education establishment.  


We have plenty of repertoire up our sleeves with a variety of performers so watch this space for what is coming next.    

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