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Interactive Family Concerts 

"Absolutely brilliant!! More please!"  


"This is absolutely necessary and absolutely wonderful!"

What's On In 2023

There is always more being added to our concert programme, and at this time of year not all dates are finalised so keep checking back!


Sleeping Beauty Flyer SPCG - Use-5.png

Harmony's Music Club re-tells the epic tale of Sleeping Beauty using music from Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Ballet Suite arranged by Rachmaninoff for piano duet.  

Paired with Bizet's  wonderful collection of short pieces, Jeux d'Enfants, where the audience are guaranteed lots of interactive fun, this concert programme is destined to become a permanent feature in our calendar.  

Concert Dates

11am 13th April, St Paul's Church (Actors' Church), Covent Garden.

3pm 15th April, Christ Church, Esher, KT10


Alexander Campbell - Narrator

Caroline Page & Kazu Shiraiso - Piano

About Our Concerts

Coming to a Harmony's Music Club family concert is unlike attending other concerts as the audience is invited to become part of the performance, creating an immersive and inspiring experience. 

This unique approach to concerts began during lockdown in 2020 on realising how little music was reaching families.  Given Music's power to connect people and it's value for our mental and emotional wellbeing, we designed 3 online interactive family concerts. These concerts were enjoyed globally, led to Harmony's Music Club being listed by the Royal Philharmonic Society as things to do with children, saw us promoted by Stephen Fry, and have had us invited on to BBC Radio on numerous occasions.  


Today, Harmony's Music Club produces sell-out interactive family concerts across the South East of England.  So why not come along and join in the fun...

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