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Testimonials from the teaching profession:

"This is quality music at its best"

"As an Early Years Teacher I am totally blown away by the structure and quality of  Caroline's Harmony's Music Club. The range and depth of the experience, linked to a wealth of cross-curriculum activities offers an exciting and insightful program into the  development of effective learning within our Early Years Settings. Thank you Caroline. You have definitely identified and filled a gap which I was searching for. Brilliant."

Lesson Plans

The Lesson Adventures are Harmony's Music Club's lesson plans for schools and nurseries and form the core of Harmony's Music Club's materials.  


EVERY Lesson Adventure is written with the goal of inspiring and helping ALL children reach their Early Learning Goals through music.

EVERY Lesson Adventure is multi-sensory to enable ALL children to be able to enjoy music.

EVERY Lesson Adventure is written so that ANYONE can deliver it to the children.  While there is NO need for a specialist music teacher or any musical training, the Lesson Adventures also appeal to the specialist with their breadth of music choices and musical techniques and activities, all of which the author has used with children.  

EVERY Lesson Adventure operates across the seven areas of learning.  For more information see Harmony's Music Club and The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document.  

EVERY Lesson Adventure has a quick glance guide to illustrate how that Lesson Adventure further facilitates children reaching their Early Learning Goals (ELGs), on top of the common approaches set out in the Harmony's Music Club and The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document.

EVERY Lesson Adventure contains 6 activities each of which can be done in isolation. 


EVERY Lesson Adventure has its own playlist on Harmony's Music Club YouTube Channel. 

EVERY Lesson Adventure is a fulfilling, fun musical adventure, filled with musical techniques and musicianship which sets the imagination free.




Christmas Lesson Adventure 

5 November & Diwali Lesson Adventure 

Farm Lesson Adventure 

All Souls Lesson


Winter Lesson Adventure 

Remembrance Day Lesson Adventure

Birds Lesson Adventure

Halloween Lesson Adventure Coming in June

Rainbows Lesson Adventure Coming in June

10 Spring Lesson AdventuresComing in September

London Lesson Adventure Coming in June

10 Summer Lesson Adventures Coming in November


Home Schooling

In response to school closures, Harmony's Music Club has adapted elements of it's longer Adventures to produce self-contained musical activities (each an Adventure Activity) for teachers in Early Years Settings, Reception and Year 1 to be able to 'drop' into their home schooling/home activity packs.  


Each Adventure Activity works in a stand-alone format and does not compromise Harmony's Music Club's philosophy of inclusivity and inspiring through play, or its approach of taking children musically around the world and across the ages.  No Real McCoy instruments are needed and not every Adventure requires music to listen to to make sure EVERYONE really can join in.  As always they are written in an easy to follow format for parents/carers.

While Adventure Activities are organised into themed packs, each can be done on its own, providing three homeschooling activities per pack.

3 Zoo Adventure Activities

3 London Adventure Activities 

3 Space Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities Coming Soon

3 Farm Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities Coming Soon

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