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"As an Early Years Teacher I am totally blown away by the structure and quality ... The range and depth of the experience, linked to a wealth of cross-curriculum activities offers an exciting and insightful program into the  development of effective learning within our Early Years Settings."

(Mrs Stokes, Reception Teacher, 2020)

"Your music lessons are the only thing he comes home and tells me about!" (Ollie's mum, 2019)

"Loved your rainbow theme ... I did a rainbow theme for school too, wish I'd watched yours first though!"

(Miss Forbes, Pre-Prep Head of Music, 2020)

Harmony's Music Club in Nursery and at School

Have you had 2-5 year olds children demanding more of a great composer? We have and we're rather proud of it!  If you want music in your establishment to be this exciting read on to find out how we are different and try Harmony's Music Club to experience how it is different!

This page is all about about our resources , what makes our Lesson Adventures special, and the themes which we cover.  For information on Harmony's Music Club's philosophy please read our About section.  



At the core of Harmony's Music Club is the 'Lesson Adventure' - our name for a lesson plan. This is because in our mind music lessons should never be anything other than an adventure as there is such an amazing array of sounds and experiences to be enjoyed!  

Each Lesson Adventure comes with its very own Early Learning Goals guide so that you can quickly and easily see which areas of learning are addressed in each Lesson Adventure.  For a sample guide click here.  For a free sample, just contact us.


Because Harmony's Music Club is truly cross-curricular there is an overarching guide to how Harmony's Music Club works within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.  To access this guide click here.


Harmony's Music Club has a YouTube channel where you will find the music for your Lesson Adventure already set up on a public playlist so there is no need for additional music resources and this ensures that the highest quality recordings can be used too.  


There are instructional videos where we believe these would help support you in trying out new ideas, primarily in the improvisation sections.

We also have a set of lockdown schooling activities which we wrote on request from over 60 teachers for you for when the children went back to school in bubbles in June 2020.  This free resources can be accessed here.

We will soon be uploading our material by activity type so that you can access styles of material if, for example, you are only interested in our listening pieces, or counting songs or improvisations etc.

What's special

Why our Lesson Adventures are Special

  • EVERY Lesson Adventure is multi-sensory allowing ALL children to join in.

  • EVERY Lesson Adventure has an easy-to-follow narrative so that EVERYONE, meaning specialists and non-specialists, can deliver Harmony's Music Club's Lesson Adventures so that ALL children can receive high quality music education at the early years level (see snapshot of a Lesson Adventure).​  The musical content is not compromised because of this approach.

  • ​EVERY Lesson Adventure teaches through encouraging children to learn through play, to explore their own ideas, to be guided, not didactically told what to do, and to take the lead.

Snap shot of Part of an exercise in Farm Adventure
  • EVERY Lesson Adventure equips you with the tools to confidently delve into diverse musical styles from an exciting perspective by drawing on the authors vast experience of performing and studying both Western and world music.

  • EVERY Lesson Adventure uses different and high quality carefully selected music from different genres so that the children hear the diversity of music which is around them, matching the diversity of the world around them.

  • EVERY Lesson Adventure is cross-curricular allowing for music to be tied into other areas of learning in the curriculum rather than standing in isolation.  

  • EVERY Lesson Adventure is made up of 6 sections which together form a 30-40 minute lesson or which can be done separately if time or circumstance requires.  These are: Introductory music with activity; Improvisation; Listening Piece with activity; 2 Joining in Pieces; and Counting Song.  ​

  • Through following Harmony's Music Club's scheme of learning children experience a vast range of musical styles including music of the great composers, world-music and children's favourites in addition to coming up with their own works too.


Lesson Adventure Themes

  • There are 30 themed Lesson Adventures suitable for ALL children aged 2-5 year olds which we are in the process of uploading.  However, as each Lesson Adventure is cross-curricular, there is always more than what it says on the tin in a Lesson Adventure!

  • Available Lesson Adventures:




Diwali and 5 November





Farm Vector.jpg


Down on the Farm


Remembrance Day





Emotions and Feelings





  • Lesson Adventure themes to be uploaded soon: 

Chinese New Year; Easter; Harvest Festival; Things We Love; Friendships; Pirates; Transport; The Moon; The Planets; Rainbows; Dinosaurs; Under the Ocean; Down at the Pond; Visiting the Zoo; Going on Safari; Clocks; Cats; Caterpillars and Butterflies; The Wild West; Into the Woods; In the Garden. 

Lockdown Schooling

Lockdown Schooling Activities

When schools were closed turing the summer term lockdown of 2020 we noticed how many early years educational establishments were not including music in their homeschooling, despite music being recognised as a major wellbeing tool.  

Harmony's Music Club therefore set about writing 4 themed sets of lockdown schooling activities called Adventure Activities, to be dropped into lockdown schooling packs for children to enjoy with their families as part of their homeschooling.  

Each set of Adventure Activities contains three separate standalone music activities designed to be undertaken with parents/carers at home.  To ensure that ALL children can join in, no musical instruments are required and kitchen/home instrument alternatives are suggested. Accompanying music is available on Harmony's Music Club's YouTube Channel.

Themed Activity Adventure sets are: The Farm; London; Space; and The Zoo.  To see how these work, see a sample Space Adventure Activity.  

Our January 2021 Lockdown Schooling FREE Resource can be read and downloaded here:

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