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Down on the Farm Adventure at Home Contents Page Preview

The Down on the Farm Adventure Contents Page sets out instrument suggestions together with home instrument alternatives and a synopsis of the included activities. The craft activity is paired with the listening music so that you can listen while you make!

Down on the Farm Adventure at Home

There's a party going on down on the farm today - can you hear the toe-tapping Bluegrass coming from one of the farmyard barns?  


We bet you can't resit joining in, so pull on your wellies, jump in your tractor, grab your steering wheel and set off driving around the farm through the bumpy fields and down the windy track to visit the animals.


You'll discover that this farmer is also farming something unusual and after that excitement you'll swap your steering wheel for some reins, join in with Old Macdonald, head back to the party for a hoe-down and check on the popping pea pods.

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