"Wonderful introduction to music for me, let alone my child!! I’m not musical and the adventures have given us such a rich and rewarding experience ... I wholeheartedly recommend, it has really broadened our outlook and taken us around the world! 

(Sophie's Mum, 2020)

"Finally I know what to do when the music comes on!" 

(Emily's Mum, 2020)

Harmony's Music Club at Home

Harmony's Music Club at Home developed during Lockdown 2020.  During this period, music classes, where possible, went online.  Some took the recorded video approach, some took the zoom session approach.  But ultimately nothing can replace the energy, spark and delight from live music making together in the same room.  

Consequently Harmony's Music Club devised its Home Adventures for everyone to be able to immerse themselves and their child in the joy of experiencing music together.  It really doesn't matter if you are totally unmusical, rhythmically unable, tone deaf or anything else (and we doubt that you are) because that's not what making music with children is about.  It's just about having fun and connecting.  No-one need hear you!  No-one need watch you!  And the whole family can join in together.

If you have time, take a few minutes to reflect on your own music habits at home. Or you could jump to our FAQs here or jump straight down to our collection of Adventures at Home here.

Music at Home

Ask yourself, how often do you have music on at home?  Why and when does the music go on?  How does it make you feel?  Do you always choose the same sort of music?  What determines what music you put on?  And do all of you under the same roof like the same music?

Then ask yourself, what do you do when that music is on?  Do you stop and listen? Dance? Hum? Sing? Feel different?


And what about with your child?  Do you put music on for your child?  When you've got music on in the home, is your child there?  And do you interact if they are? Play along? Dance?  Clap?  Sing?  Do you sing and dance without music on?

We've spoken to lots of parents about their habits around music with their children and very often we are met with these approaches to music at home:  

1. "Oh!  We go to a music class!";

2. "Oh no! I'm completely unmusical/tone deaf/can't sing etc!";

3. "I'd like to but I don't have time!"; or

4. "I'd like to but I just don't know what to do!"

In other words, more often than not, if the music is on, this is where it stops for a multitude of reasons.  And this is where Harmony's Music Club's Home Adventures come in.


FAQs about Adventures at Home

What is an Adventure at Home?

An Adventure at Home is a downloadable collection of 7 themed fun music activities with a craft activity too on the same theme.  But the Adventures at Home aren't just music activities in isolation - each is cross-curricular with suggested 'chat topics' like finding places in the atlas with your child too.

What sort of music activities are they?

Each Home Adventure includes the same sorts of music activities  which are: a piece of music with fun questions to set the scene; a fun making-up music game; listening music with craft; 3 joining in pieces; and a counting song.  

I haven't got any instruments, can I still join in?

Absolutely!  The material is written with inclusivity at its heart so that homes with no instruments can join in too.  This is achieved by: a) primarily only suggesting instruments which can also be created at home out of kitchen implements - like washing-up tubs/wooden spoons/ Tupperware etc.; b) suggesting how to make instruments such as castanets (out of cardboard and bottle tops); and c) only suggesting tuned percussion like xylophones in limited circumstances and only as an if you have got it add on ... 

What about the music?  Do I have to buy it separately? Or subscribe?

No - not at all!  Harmony's Music Club has its own YouTube Channel where you will find the music you need readily assembled into public playlists.  Of course if you do decide to subscribe to our YouTube Channel you will be automatically notified when new videos are listed.

What sort of music do you use?

We pride ourselves in putting together carefully thought out varied playlists which we know children enjoy and which provide children with a diverse range of music to listen to.  We draw on children's favourites, world music, music from the great composers, folk music etc.  and our own children's songs too.

Is all the music accessible and enjoyable for young children? 

Absolutely!  Just because the music isn't 'children's music' or 'pop music' doesn't mean that it's not accessible and enjoyable.  


All of the music is carefully selected for children's enjoyment and on top of this we believe that a lot of how a child responds to music lies in how it is presented to them/how accessible it is and we provide you with the toolkit for this.  If we are excited to share music with them, they will be excited to explore it and our inroads into the music ensure that together you can explore the music in an engaging, fun, inspiring way.  

How do I know what is included in an Adventure at Home?

On the website page for each Adventure is a preview of the contents page of the Adventure and a link to the playlist on YouTube.  The contents page sets out instrument suggestions together with home alternatives, an outline of the craft activity included, and a list of the music activities. 

How do I know what to do?

Doing an Adventure at Home is just like baking a cake but without the mess - all you have to do is follow the instructions!  You can follow it to the letter, or you can experiment!  There's no hard and fast rules but we can hold your hand all the way if you want that.

How many times can I do an Adventure at Home?

Once you have purchased an Adventure at Home you can use it forever - they come with unlimited downloads.

How long does an Adventure at Home take?

It depends!  Each activity can be done in isolation  or the whole thing can be done together.  If you are doing the craft as well an Adventure can happily fill a rainy morning.  Without doing the craft it is up to you whether you spend 5 minutes or 45 minutes.

Why should I try this?

Aside from all of the known developmental benefits music is proven to have for young children on a physical, social, emotional and educational level, this is a wonderful opportunity to have fun at home and bond with your child and chat about lots of different topics.  


Furthermore, how do we know what our children like until we try things? We take them to different sports classes to find what they like.  We present them with different foods to see what they like.  Why shouldn't we do the same with music?  After all, the reason the music industry is so diverse is because we all like different music.  We're pretty certain that in every Adventure at Home they will like our choices - at least that's our experience!

So what have you go to lose?!  You never know, you might find a new style of music that you like too...


Adventures at Home

Our Home Adventures are always being added to so do keep checking back!