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Rainbows Adventure at Home Contents Page Preview

The Rainbows Adventure Contents Page sets out instrument suggestions together with home instrument alternatives and a synopsis of the included activities. The craft activity is paired with the listening music so that you can listen while you make!

Rainbows at Home

Rainbows have always been special, but have taken on a new significance in the UK during the corona-virus pandemic with the movement 'rainbows for the NHS'.  


This Adventure's craft activity grew out of the corona-virus pandemic's #ClapForOurCarers as we thought it could be special if, instead of clapping, children joined in with their homemade rainbow rainsticks.  So if you would like to make, have and generally enjoy a soothing rainbow rainstick, this is the adventure for you!


In addition to making rainsticks to a colourful selection of music, on this Adventure you will create a rainbow with your body percussion, jump in puddles, find a way to get mister sun out, paint rainbows in the sky and count the rainclouds.

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