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5 November & Diwali Lesson Adventure

Fireworks tie our 5 November & Diwali Adventure together.  Fireworks are a source of great excitement with children and appear in many cultural events and so much of this Lesson Adventure can also be used for other cultural celebrations with fireworks, such as Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving and 4th of July.  Diwali is directly addressed with the inclusion of a Diwali devotional song.

In addition to the cross-curricular learning, by joining in the children will:

  • create their own music inspired firework art;

  • create a percussive firework display exploring dynamics using body percussion and/or drums/buckets;

  • explore pitch and onomatopoeia through a Harmony's Music Club firework poem;

  • join in with Harmony's Music Club's Whizz! Pop! Bang! It's all about onomatopoeia, actions, body percussion and creating ostinato;

  • try out turn taking through call and response with a Diwali devotional song; and

  • count the fireworks.

Which Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage are covered

The information in this quick glance guide is SUPPLEMENTARY to how the Lesson Adventures cover the seven areas of learning as set out in the Harmony's Music Club and the Early Years Framework document which can be found here. It is not to be read in isolation.



We all know that accidents happen - that cups of tea and coffee get spilled,  that pieces of paper get put in a pile never to be found again.. and consequently Harmony's Music Club does not limit downloads of Lesson Adventures.  


We also do not require you to subscribe to access our material on a quarterly or yearly basis so that you have the freedom to pick and choose the material which you want when you want and because we know that not all schools have the same financial resources at their disposal.


However, in exchange for this, we do ask that you use your judgment in how many Lesson Adventures you put in your basket to reflect how many teachers will be using them.  Please respect this so that we do not have to raise our prices.  

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