About the Founder: Caroline Page


Caroline is a professional pianist and passionate advocate of the importance of music for children.  She lives in Surrey with her husband, two young children and their cat, Gigi.  


Caroline's love of music surfaced when she demanded piano and violin lessons aged 4 and it wasn't long until not even a birthday party could stop her from going to her lessons! Growing-up in the North East of England she was lucky enough to live in an area with an abundance of wonderful musicians and instrumental teachers as a result of having the Royal Northern Sinfonia Orchestra on the doorstep.  She also attended a state Middle School with a strong musical ethos so that taking part in music was the norm.   


While at school she studied piano and violin to the same level, and some of her highlights were competing in the Audi Junior Musician of the Year Regional Finals on piano and being a member of the National Children's, National Youth and National Youth Chamber Orchestras of Great Britain on violin. It was also while at High School that Caroline volunteered to take music into primary schools for the first time - perhaps the seed for Harmony's Music Club was planted a long time ago!


On leaving school, Caroline read Music at Christ's College, Cambridge University and then went on to obtain an MA in Musicology from University College, Durham University.  While studying at Cambridge University Caroline held a coveted University Instrumental Award on violin and was a Choral Scholar with the Christ's College Chapel Choir.  Under the direction of Professor David Rowland singing became a hugely important part of Caroline's life and getting children to sing in schools is another of her passions.  


As part of both Music Degrees Caroline loved studying ethnomusicology (music of non-Western cultures).  This interest combined with her family being dotted around the world, living overseas when younger and travelling extensively herself means it is no surprise that world music often features in Harmony's Music Club.


On graduating from Durham University Caroline somewhat surprised people by making the decision to pursue a career in Law.  She became a City Lawyer for 14 years but with the arrival of her own children she became aware of how fortunate she was to grow-up surrounded by music-making and with music-loving friends.  This awareness grew into a desire to make sure music was available for all children and she left the Law to return to Music.  She should mention that she now also sees how amazing her family were in letting her music play such a dominant role in their family life, not least for her parents chauffeuring her around!


Since Harmony's Music Club was born in 2018 Caroline has been writing, re-writing and delivering the material!  Her children are her tough test-audience and unless the material gets their stamp of approval, it doesn't make the Adventure!  When not being a mum or working musician Caroline loves to sing, get out into the countryside to clear the cobwebs and to have a good catch-up with her friends!

If you have any queries, please contact HarmonysMusicClub@gmail.com 
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