Paddington Bear's First Concert
Herbert Chappell

As promoted by Stephen Fry, Hugh Bonneville, BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex.

BBC Radio Interview

A wonderfully descritive and imaginative short work of c35 minutes by composer Herbert Chappell and written for piano and narrator, Paddington Bear's First Concert is a tale about Paddington Bear and his journey to London, being found at Paddington Station, settling into London life, his friendship with Mr Gruber and the funny experience of him attending his first concert with Mr Gruber in the Royal Albert Hall.


The originality and passion which Harmony's Music Club brings to Paddington Bear's First Concert through its interactive approach saw its first performance in 2020 attract a great deal of attention - it was promoted on social media by Stephen Fry (who has recorded the work himself), Hugh Bonneville, and BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex.  You can hear Caroline & Liz talking about Padding Bear's First Concert on BBC Radio with Emily Jeffery if you click the link above. The concert was viewed globally over 2,000 times within 1 month and on concert day it was watched live in South Africa, Mexico, Chile, the USA, Canada and the UK!  


Since then, Harmony's Music Club's Paddington Bear concert has headlined at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival where it was sold out within the first hour of ticket sales.  

Prior to the performance, Harmony's Music Club provide children with a short guide on how to make some instruments so that htey can join in with the concert.  Then prior to the concertThe interactive approach, where Harmony's Music Club leads a short workshop prior to the concert beginning so that they can join in where cued in the concert, generates much excitement

For information on Harmony's Music Club's online Paddington Bear project for schools and nurseries, please click here.

Sold out at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival 2021
Images from the Barnes Children's Literatutre Festival 2021.
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Audio Clips from Paddington Bear's First Concert:
Paddington StationCaroline Page
00:00 / 01:37
Paddington Hurries HomeCaroline Page
00:00 / 01:02