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Having fun when the camera rolls ...

Our music videos have been enjoyed ALL over the world 15,000 times on Facebook alone!!!

"My daughter LOVES your videos.  She keeps asking to watch them again and again!" (Chloe's Mum, 2020)

"I love this project! In this difficult time, giving the joy of music, family, teamwork and a good laugh it’s just magical!  Thank you!"

(Debora, Hong Kong, 2020) 

"This is awesome!" (Chris, U.S.A, 2020)

You can read about our videos below and watch them here!

Let's be honest, making  videos was never part of the plan! 


But when the U.K. was put into lockdown meaning that schools were closed, parents were pushed to their limits homeschooling, working and looking after everything else,  music classes were cancelled, concerts were cancelled, theatres, concert halls and opera houses were closed, we all discovered that collaborative music making simply wasn't possible anymore and musical playtime simply was not featuring anymore for most children, we realised that we needed to do something to keep getting music to children and that what parents needed was something educational outside of homeschooling, that the children could enjoy with the family and on their own.

We had 2 ideas ... 

1. a series of fun homemade musical family challenges inspired by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra meant for the whole family to get banging and crashing and making music out of every day things. We were  delighted when the RSNO themselves recognised our work on their Facebook page!; and


2. a Summer 2020 series of short themed mini-adventures designed to teach and to give the world an insight into how we operate at Harmony's Music Club and to give parents confidence about what is included in our Home Adventures. I

We were then incredibly lucky to be introduced to Martyn Harries, the BAFTA and EMMY award winning re-recording mixer.  Martyn, together with Liz Franklin-Kitchen, the wonderful narrator of Harmony's Music Club's concerts, incredibly kindly agreed to get involved with our Summer 2020 project and we live-streamed 2 videos about creating nature sound effects and digging into some of his sound archives for an animal sounds challenge.  

All of these videos are free to watch, so if you want to join in, just choose your video below.

Video Gallery